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Cell Tower Joe? I’m not really sure when or how it happened…but that’s my nickname now, and I’m gonna run with it. To be honest, I consider myself an avid foodie and music guy – don’t get me started on the best burger in Tampa Bay, there are too many choices, and they’re all worth it. Now get in and relax while we listen to this Periphery album – I’m driving.

But yeah, back to the whole point of this thing, Cell Tower Joe… Much like my musician friends, sometimes you’re just born with the talent to do something, and for me, it’s insurance. Specifically, Cell Tower Climber Insurance. I know that seems strange, and I can’t say that I set out to be the “expert” here, but after 14 years at the same great company, here I am. It’s a fascinating field – these guys risk their lives climbing up giant towers to keep us all connected. Most of us take that connection for granted as we scroll through endless memes and long-lost cousin’s newborn baby photos while we fade away into another night of quarantine-induced sleep. But their job makes sense to me, I’m able to help them because I understand them and what they need. And, as I mentioned before, 14 years at the same company has enabled me to know the best routes to take when it comes to saving them money while keeping them covered. Theirs is a dangerous job, and there’s a lot at stake. And although my piece to that puzzle is a lot safer, as I sit behind my desk where my Deftones and Blink 182 stickers are hidden in spots so the boss can’t see them, I enjoy it.

So, stay tuned – I’ll do my best to keep this interesting and informative and worth your time. So be my guest, comment below with your thoughts, favorite foodie spots, or the latest albums you’re listening to.

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