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Speed Speed Speed and It’s Good For The Environment 

Although we see massive PR rollouts from all the big carriers – the deployment of 5G technology will take time – as anything worthwhile always does. After years of testing, testing, and more testing – 5G is here and, if you live in one of our nation’s larger cities, you may already be experiencing a significant speed boost in your area – if you have a phone that can utilize 5G of course. 

How Much Faster is 5G Really?

It’s no secret that a big selling point for 5G is that the speeds will be up to 100x faster than 4G LTE. And while this is a true statement, it’s based on max speeds in perfect conditions. Your experience will vary, just like it does today, based on where you are and what equipment you’re using. 

How is 5G so important that I’m dedicating multiple blogs to it? 

This one may seem like overkill, but why do I care so much about 5G? The answer is a staggering 1.01 billion. Billion what? You may ask. 1.01 billion is the estimated device connections to 5G by 2023. That’s a huge connection increase (over 200% more than our current rate). That means my guys – the tower climbers I help every day, are going to be busy. Really, really busy. More connections mean more tower maintenance and new tower construction. These guys will be out there a lot, making sure we can download songs and send memes to our friends at incredible speeds. I need to make sure that the tower climbers are protected and to do that, I need to understand the jobs they will be on and how often they will be called to do that job. An estimated $4 billion will be spent in 2020 on 5G infrastructure, about double the budget in 2019. My guys are going to be busy, I’m going to make sure I have their back. 

If 5G is such a big deal, what can we expect as consumers? 

So listen, I use my phone often – probably almost as much as you do. My job, my friends, my entertainment, it’s all there, and I take advantage of that. While you may see the current commercial spot for larger carriers and think, eh 5G, so what, it just seems like another wave of promotions by colossal tech companies to repackage what I’m already getting. I can tell you first hand, it’s not. This is big, very big. 5G will change the way our world works in a good way, and we’re going along for the ride. In fact, in a recent interview with The Enterprisers Project, John Walsh of Accenture is quoted as saying – “5G is poised to create a revolutionary, versus an evolutionary, wave of change and innovation across our world.” 

Mandatory Local Restaurant Shout Out 

I’m going to do something different with this blog – instead of a burger review, I want to take a quick time out and acknowledge the best meal I’ve probably ever had in my life. Filet mignon, Foie gras (goose liver) escargot, and a cheese platter. I was fortunate enough to try this at the excellent and authentic French restaurant called Parts of Paris in Safety Harbor, Florida. It was so good that I had to use my platform to spread the word – if you’re in the area and want an unforgettable experience, head over there and enjoy one for me. 

Well, that’s it for me this time; here it is, my weekly playlist: 

Deftones – Ohms

Animals as Leaders – The Joy of Motion 

August Burns Red – Constellations Remix/Remaster 

Keep Climbin’ – Cell Tower Joe