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A Liability Policy protects your company in the face of damages if your products or employees cause damage to third parties. The landscape of Liability coverage is vast, and there are many policies available in the marketplace. Let our team of Insurance Experts assist you with picking the right Liability Insurance plan for your business and budget.

So Many Scenarios – One Customized Protection Solution, You Need General Liability If Your Business…

  • Has Access to Client Property  – General Liability covers your business if a client’s property is damaged while your employees have access to the property.
  • Is Client Facing – Anytime your business interacts with the public, there’s the possibility of an accident or injury. A General Liability Policy will provide your business with this much-needed protection.
  • Does Business that Requires General Liability Contracts – Many contracting jobs require that a General Liability Policy be in place before the job can begin. 
  • Advertises Your Company Services – Advertising trademarks and copyrights can be a complicated and costly issue for any business that markets its services. A General Liability Policy from Volaris could cover your company if a claim arises.

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