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Spring is approaching fast, and with it comes the spring storm season. While that’s great news for plants, it can be a real problem for your business. If you’re looking for advice on how to prepare your business for spring storm season, consider this checklist as your jumping-off point. These seven spring storm safety tips for businesses have everything you need to prepare before the next big storm comes. While there’s no way to know exactly what’s around the corner when a storm approaches, the better prepared you are, the less likely it is to disrupt your business.

Gather Supplies

In an ideal world, you’ll have plenty of warning when a storm comes, and you can get away from the office accordingly. Unfortunately, the world is not always perfect. The first step in planning how to prepare your business for spring storm season is creating a collection of emergency supplies in the event that you and your staff have to stay at your place of business during a storm. This should include water, food and medical supplies.

Develop a Plan

Knowing how to behave in the middle of a storm can be hard, so it’s better to prepare your plan before the storm arrives. That way, when times are tough, you can fall back on the plan that is already in place. It makes your decisions during the storm easier and helps you to get the best possible results at the end of the day.


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Get Covered

No matter how well prepared your business is, if a storm is severe enough, it is going to cause disruptions. From damage to your building, or the items in it, to rendering the facility unusable for a period of time, you should invest in coverage which allows for not only the replacement of property but also damage repair and money lost due to missed work.

Open the Lines of Communication

Staying in touch during a crisis is essential. Establish as many different forms of communication between your employees as possible and put into place protocols for staying in touch throughout the storm.

Set Up Home Working Arrangements

Whether your building suffers damage in the storm, or a long storm simply necessitates closing the office for several days, providing your employees with ways to do their work from home minimizes the losses. Telecommuting can help keep your business working as normally as possible in abnormal times.

Backup Your Data

Even if you know how to prepare your business for spring storm season physically, it’s easy to overlook your data. Having all of your company’s important data backed up is a great idea regardless of storms and can be essential if your servers are damaged by the weather.

Ready Your Facility

If a bad storm is coming and you know about it in time, it is always advisable to prepare your building for the onslaught. That means boarding up any windows if there is a risk of blowouts, tying down or bringing inside things that may blow away and storing valuable items in the most secure part of the building.

The next big storm is coming, so start preparing now. Follow these tips on preparing your business for spring storms, and you’ll be ready when they arrive.